Commercial Videos


At Top Choi's Productions, our goal is to provide you with creative, effective and affordable video productions to help communicate your message.

Top Choi's Productions has that certain eye and the technical, professional skill that it takes to produce a spot-on, memorable video. We will work closely with you to create the most outstanding presentation possible, utilising high-definition technology. We will create a professional video in the style you need to get your point and your point of view across on target.

Seven main benefits of a Commercial Video:


  1. It is the most effective medium to influence the consumers and viewers;
  2. It helps to increase the sales and target audiences.
  3. It is very fast and effective to be promote via the websites and social network;
  4. It helps to create the corporate culture.
  5. It makes it easier for the consumers to understand about your company, products and or services.
  6. It instructs and educates the viewers most effectively;
  7. It consists the comprehensive information about your branding.


Our commercial video production services include:
  • Promotional Videos
  • Corporate Identity
  • Corporate Events
  • Training Videos
  • Professional interviews
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Commercials
  • Social Media Short Videos
  • Product Videos
  • Behind the Scenes Videos

We also do:

  • Fashion Shoots
  • Rehearsals
  • Music performances

And of course, any occasion or even that you want saved exactingly produced videography.

Event Videos
                    - Music Intima Ensemble
Events that attract an audience are important enough to be documented, archived and kept for the future. Event videos can highlight the key moments in any function, seminar, presentation or event. Turning your event into a video means that you can share it online to others that were unable to attend. A seminar can even be turned into a digital product that you can sell. We also provide webcasting services.
Behind the Scenes Videos
             - Fashion Photagraphers
Behind the Scenes (BTS) videos are a popular type of video that many commercial clients as well as others desire as part of a professional photo shoot. 

BTS videos drive traffic to your website, engage potential clients and give them peace of mind when hiring you, and greatly increases word of mouth advertising.
Promotional Videos
                    - Korean BJJ Commitee
Promotional videos are an exciting and attention grabbing way of promoting a place, special event, business, website, service or product. People love watching things online so this type of video production is a hugely effective way of promoting to a mass audience as well as entertaining them. Videos are more likely to be shared via social media, giving you maximum exposure. The equivalent of 1 minute of video is 1.8 million words, so the power is in your hands!